what we do

Understanding what is important to you

We work hard to get to know our clients so that we can provide holistic, bespoke and intelligent advice on how to create, build and protect wealth. We pride ourselves on our communication and people skills, really understanding what our clients want to achieve in their lifetime, as well as the legacy they wish to leave for their loved ones. We present the solutions in an easy to understand manner, even when the mechanics are complicated.

Intelligent, professional and Independent Financial Advice

Our team of specialists cover a wide range of areas. We match each new client to the adviser with the most appropriate expertise and experience for their circumstances and needs.. The first meeting is at our expense, where we take the opportunity to explore your goals and objectives as well as giving you the opportunity to find out more about us. Following that meeting, if you like our approach, we will put a full financial plan together for you with detailed recommendations.


Areas we Cover:

• Retirement planning and pensions

• Long term savings and investments

• Socially responsible and ethical investments

• Tax efficient investments

• Inheritance tax and estate planning

• Trusts

• Long term care planning

• Mortgages and equity release

• Protecting you and your family in the event of illness and death

• Corporate planning for small and medium businesses

Supporting you through the different stages

Life brings a variety of experiences and challenges along the way for each and every one of us, some positive, some less so. Our aim is to make sure you are financially ready for whatever life throws at you, enabling you to enjoy the good times to the maximum, but also deal with life’s challenges in the most positive way.

Life stage segmentation

This chart shows some of the main events that we all may be faced with throughout life, along with some of the key financial considerations at each stage.